For my DA, I wanted to incorporate my already active role in the social media page of active wear brand “Colossal Culture”. This page is strictly for brand communications; this means that discussing the prospect of future cultures within the fashion industry with the audience was out of the question.

This hurdle birthed my current DA idea, “The Future of Brand Communications”. I plan on observing the activity of the audience on the Colossal Culture instagram page, and studying posts with higher engagement. From there, I would like to access academic articles, text books and news articles to predict the long and short term future of brand communications and fashion in the digital age.

I will be determining the success of a post by measuring likes, comments, saves and shares. To ensure a continual feedback loop is open throughout the course of my DA, I will be posting my ideas to respective subreddits to allow optimum opportunity for project iteration.



Watson, A, Alexander, B, Salavati, L, 2018, ‘The impact of experiential augmented reality applications on fashion purchase intention’,  International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, vol. 48, no. 5,

Hackl, C 2010, ‘Why Virtual Dresses And Augmented Fashion Are A New Profitable Frontier For Brands’, Forbes, weblog post, 8 June 2020, viewed 18 December 2021, <–augmented-fashion-are-a-new-profitable-frontier-for-brands/?sh=142e1da462c8&gt;


  1. Hello Charlea, your digital artefact seems so interesting!

    I love how you are already incorporating your own involvement with a already made business for your digital artefact, not only are you still going to be managing the social media side of your incorporation with the business but you are taking it to the next level and focusing on how you will be able to create more traction for the future of this brand.

    The fact that you are keeping your digital artefact focus on brand communication is very interesting, within the written part of your blog you stated what brand communications means, and honestly I never knew this really existed until seeing your post. This idea is brilliant and honestly I feel as though you have spot on perfected your pitch for your digital artefact.

    The idea of focusing and observing your the activity on Colossal Cultures audience and the engagements associated with the page can be improved by possible explaining what the particular content is being created and why that particular content has been chosen. You can also do this by (as you stated) you can determine the success of through likes and comments.

    I would recommend taking a look at this article as it states different essential Instagram metrics to be able to measure Colossal Cultures performance online.

    Can’t wait to see how you digital artefact turns out!

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